To promote its image on the network and to get their message to the right people.

We assist our clients in the continuous improvement of their promotions, providing advertising solutions tailored to specific needs. We do not limit ourselves to the management of space. We match always a consulting service advertising that in many cases leads to the management of the entire visibility, which allows us to be 100% sure about the choices of planning customer.

We try to always match a consulting service advertising

The right means the right solution at the right price

We can provide the solution (or solutions package) for your needs


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We look for people (male / female) in certain provinces of Italy, highly motivated and dynamic range accustomed to telephone contact with the public with sales experience in the advertising industry or similar required basic knowledge of computer use and a telephone line.
We offer a self-employment with part-time commitment to the sale of advertising space on some of the leading websites in Italy.
Need not be specified a specific experience is not required the use of car and / or commitments of money we are a Societa serious and booming on Italian territory.
We commercialize innovative products and exclusive in the sale of advertising space and the sale of personal ads.
If you are interested in this ad please contact us and send your curriculum vitae by completing the contact form.


For informations: info@sws5g.com